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when a stupid slut asks if there’s going to be a swimming pool



this is legitimately the best headline i have ever read in my entire life 


Man comments “boobies :p” on attractive female friend’s new profile picture in vain hope of creating sexual dynamic


 In grade 8 I really hated this girl so I collected the sugar from my pack of sour patch kids and gave it to her saying its cocaine and she actually  snorted it and at recess she pretended she was high and she was called crack whore for the rest of the year. Now she does real crack and blames me saying I got her addicted. She still doesnt know it was just sugar

Who still has recess in the 8th grade?



white ppl namin they children brumbpo but wanna talk about “ghetto black girl names” lmao

oh my god i thought it was a typo

This isn’t even true. Their names are Colton and Todd.